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Monero cryptocurrency was created on the basis of the algorithm of the CryptoNote ring signature, implemented into the network in 2012. That is, the bitcoin code, which is widely used when creating other electronic coins, is not applied. This guarantees a higher degree of reliability and anonymity. At the same time, Monero has something in common with Bitcoin. It uses identical technologies of information transfer and earning of cryptocurrency. But to accumulate coins, users use only one unique e-wallet address. The key to has only the owner, so neither the federal services nor other users can view the data. The detection of transactions is also suppressed by chaotic intermixing of operations through the blockchain system (a special technology for transferring information).

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The advantages of Montero cryptocurrency:

  • high degree of reliability – you can only withdraw the cryptocurrency from the electronic account with a help of a special code that is assigned individually to each user;
  • guaranteed anonymity – no taxation, information about the owner of the cryptocurrency wallet is missing;
  • security – can not be copied, but the complexity of the code sometimes leads to the fact that mining for users of the obsolete equipment becomes difficult;
  • general recognition – is included in the rating of the nine most used cryptocurrencies;
  • high liquidity.

How to buy monero with usd

Virtually all stock exchanges that allow replenishing the deposit with fiat money accept USD currency. There you can buy monero with credit card, debit card or other payment methods. In order to start using the exchange, as usually, first, you need to get registered. On the western stock exchanges, in addition to registration, you will have to undergo personal verification. To do this, you need to download documents that confirm the identity of the crypto-investor (passport, other ID, and sometimes driver’s license). This process can last for weeks, because the team of trading sites all check manually. If you do not want to undergo verification, you can work on Chinese exchanges where the process of verification is not a mandatory thing. Some exchanges require that the investor inputs the minimal amount of funds on a deposit in order to start trading.

Once you are registered you need to replenish the deposit account. The exchanges are most often registered with banks of the countries where they are located. Therefore, when replenishing the deposit on the exchange account, you will have to pay the commission to the bank – it is classified as a bank transfer. And only after that you will be able to create an order.

Attention, exchangers!

The exchange is not the best place to buy a monero for a beginner or a one-time transaction, this is a very troublesome way to buy or sell a cryptocurrency. As we see, it requires registration and, often, verification of the investor’s personality. In this regard, the exchangers benefit greatly.

They work on the same principle as the traditional currency exchange offices. The only difference is that all transactions are online, and instead of dollars and euros there they sell and buy cryptocurrencies. But there is one more nuance: among the cryptocurrency exchangers there is a huge number of scammers. Woe-buyers, transferring dollars to the exchanger, get a high probability of not being able to obtain a digital currency.

In order not to become a victim of scams, you need to pay attention to several criteria:

  • Cryptocurrency reserve. The more the reserve has an exchange, the sooner it will be able to change the cryptocurrency. This is not a static indicator. If the user has performed a major transaction, the reserves can be significantly reduced. But on popular cryptocurrency exchangers, reserves are recovering very quickly.
  • The number of trading pairs. If the exchanger offers a wide range of cryptocurrency, the convenience of the exchange process increases many times.
  • Testimonials and rating at our website. Before you entrust your money to one or another exchanger, it is worth paying attention to the experience of previous users. Crypto community is incredibly large and people constantly share their opinion and experience about working with systems or other services.

Most of the exchangers support a wide range of methods so there you can buy monero with PayPal or bank card.


These machines will be helpful if one does not know where to buy monero for cash. On the wave of universal curiosity to cryptocurrencies, in most countries there have appeared the special terminals in which it is possible to acquire cryptocurrencies. Among people they were nicknamed simply – cryptomats or bitcoinmats. It is quite simple to buy a cryptocurrency: the client approaches the cryptomat and chooses the “monero” in the terminal. Next, it allows the terminal to scan the address of his cryptocurrency wallet and inputs cash. Like all other methods, no one here guarantees that the buyer will receive his Monero coins – everything is based only on a trust.

Private changers

On thematic forums you can often find announcements about the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, sometimes such ads are found on popular free classifieds sites.

In this case, there happens a “private” exchange of conventional currency onto digital. As it always happens in the world of crypto coins, no one gives guarantees to anyone. On the other hand, in this version, you can always bargain.
After reading this article, you can easily determine where you can buy monero. And looking through our ratings and feedbacks arranged by our users you can always check the reliability of the services.