Buy Litecoin

Litecoin (LTC) is a fork or another branch of Bitcoin in which there have been made some significant optimizations. The main advantage for an ordinary user is the speed. The complexity of calculating Litecoin is settled in such a way that on an average one block is generated every two and a half minutes, which is many times faster than generating the block of Bitcoin. Such a benefit has advantageously highlighted Litecoin among the other altcoins and increased its investment attractiveness. This cryptocurrency is confidently held in the top 5 of the cryptocurrencies by capitalization.

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How to buy litecoin

Today, the cryptocurrencies have tightly entered our lives and there are many services where you can buy litecoin using almost any form of payment. You can easily buy litecoin with debit card, credit card, PayPal, cash, other cryptocurrency or electronic money.

Buy lightcoin in the exchanger

Usually, the exchangers have a certain amount of cryptocurrency in their accounts and transfer it to your wallet after payment. Therefore, for example, to buy litecoin with usd you will need to prepare your own wallet in advance and install the client program on your computer or phone. When buying a full transaction will be carried out in the blockchain, so the transfer of funds to your wallet may take several minutes. This way of buying Litecoin is suitable for those who want to invest for a long term in this cryptocurrency or use it to pay for the goods and services.

On our site, you will find information and feedback on the best exchangers. Give preference to proven high-rated services to avoid the loss of funds due to the bad faith of the owners or the vulnerability of the resource to hacker’s attacks.

Buy Litecoin at the stock exchange

The stock exchanges are more suitable for those who plan to get engaged in trading. Many exchanges have commissions, for both procedures: for deposit funds and for withdrawing them from the stock exchange. Therefore, a single purchase of Litecoin may be less profitable than in the exchanger. The process itself is quite simple, after registering and inputting funds for a deposit you need to create an order indicating the number of Litecoins and the appropriate price. After adding an order to the general list, it remains to wait in a queue for the seller who will accept your offer. When signing up for the exchange, you receive the personal accounts, which reflect the amount of money that you own in one form or another. When buying and selling, in fact, money moves from one account to another, so when there is a brisk trade you can buy litecoin instantly. Surely it happens so in a case when you do not lower the price in your order. Many traders exchange one cryptocurrency onto another, depending on the potential benefit. So for example, if you have Bitcoin, but you think that Litecoin will grow stronger in price in the nearest future, you can directly buy litecoin with bitcoin on any stock exchange.

When choosing a stock exchange, please check it in our rating, looking at the reviews on our website you will be able to choose a reliable stock exchange with a responsive support service. In addition, using our customized filters, you can easily find exchanges that will allow you to replenish the deposit and withdraw money using a convenient payment method.

Buy litecoin with cash

If you want to buy litecoin with PayPal or a credit card on the exchange, you will most likely have to specify your personal data and provide the scans of the requested documents. In order to purchase Litecoin anonymously the best way is to pay with cash. There are several ways to do this. The most popular is to use the ‘BitcoinCash’ service or to use the similar in order to find someone who wants to sell you the Litecoin tokens. In this case, you will have to organize a personal meeting with the seller. For your own safety, it is better to choose places for meeting on your own, moreover the place should have the possibility to get a proper Internet connection. As in the case of the exchanger, you must have a device with a client program and a registered wallet in advance.

There is another simple way to buy litecoin with cash. That is Bitcoin ATM and vending machines. Now they are situated practically in all developed countries and it remains to find the one which is the closest to you. But usually, there are quite high commissions in such machines.

Regardless of how you decided to buy litecoin, always check the rating of the selected service and reviews provided on it. It is necessary to treat the offers with an understated commission or price with a double cautiousness. In the niche of trading in cryptocurrencies now there is a fairly large percentage of fraud. That is why our service should be quite useful.