Buy Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH) is one of the most promising of the ever-created cryptocurrency. The main reason is that this is not just the fork of Bitcoin, which just went through rebranding and optimization. Ethereum is a whole platform of cryptocurrency and smart contract system. This platform greatly simplifies the introduction of blockchain technology into ready-for-use products or when developing new ones. Hundreds of other successful cryptocurrencies were created already on the basis of this ecosystem. After its appearance, Ethereum quickly took the second place among the cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization and confidently holds it. The main drawback of this cryptocurrency is an endless emission, according to critics. But recently some important news have appeared that the so-called emission will be limited to 120 million tokens. The platform aroused a serious interest on the part of the largest companies. In March 2017 they created the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). It includes 500 companies, including such giants as JP Morgan, Microsoft, Intel, MasterCard, Cisco Systems etc.

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Where to buy ethereum?

Since Ethereum is one of the most promising cryptocurrency people often look for the best way to buy Ethereum. Most often it is bought as a long-term investment or a way of accumulating and saving funds. This site contains information about the services among which you can find the best place to buy Ethereum. We carefully check all added services in order to minimize the probability of fraud before any service enters our catalog. A rating system based on feedback from the real users will help to select only the most reliable stock exchanges and exchangers.

The information about service is organized so that the user can easily filter and sort services. For example, if you plan to buy ethereum with PayPal, you just need to choose the deposit facility in the appropriate filter.

There are several ways to buy Ethereum, and each of them has its pros and cons. For example, you can buy Ethereum with credit card on the stock exchange or in an exchanger. This is a fairly simple method but it is more suitable for those who has just made his first steps in the niche and wants to buy a little of the cryptocurrency. Usually a very large commission is charged from credit cards. To use the exchanger, you will have to sign-up and create a personal wallet in advance to receive the Ethereal and wait until the transaction is processed successfully. When using the stock exchange, you will be able to buy Ethereum instantly, only in case of the quite lively trading. It is also not necessary to have your own wallet and keep the tokens on the account of the stock exchange. It is worth doing so only if you are using a reliable exchange with a good reputation. With an increased volatility of the market of cryptocurrency, one should rather give his preference to the exchanges, since during such periods the currency rate is usually overvalued at exchangers.

How to buy ethereum with usd cash

There are several ways to buy the Ethereum for cash. In any case, you need to create a personal wallet in advance and install it on a device with a stable connection to the Internet, so that you can track the coming transfers to the account. Usually such an operation does not require the confirmation of identity or the provision of documents. Therefore, if you want to purchase the Ether anonymously, this is a good option.

  • The first way to buy the Ethereum for cash is to use the services of exchangers who have offline offices. To avoid cheating, it is better to transfer money only after making sure that the tokens are already in your wallet.
  • The second way is to use a service like ‘Local Bitcoins’ which help people who want to buy or sell some cryptocurrency to find counter-parties for the deal. Remember that to buy Ethereum for cash you will have to meet personally with the seller and you know nothing about that person. Therefore, for security reasons, it is better to arrange a meeting in a crowded place. Of course, wait until the transaction processing has ended and the tokens will be credited to the account before you disperse with the seller.
  • The third way is to use special ATMs (for example Bitcoin ATM) and vending machines. The process itself is very simple and you will not depend on the third parties.

It is not so important which service you use to buy ethereum and what method of payment you choose as the importance of security issues. In any case, try to learn more about the chosen service, read reviews and latest news. Here, on our website, you will find reviews exclusively from the real users. Also, it is worth giving preference to time-tested services. If this is a new player in the cryptocurrency market, which has appeared this year, you should not trust it when the deal concerns a serious sum of money. Sometimes some new services-providers and businessmen with a bad reputation sound very attractive and promise beneficial conditions. But do not be greedy and do not succumb to temptation. After all, the cryptocurrency business is still very poorly regulated and there are a lot of not honest “businessmen” in it. Work only with trustworthy exchanges and exchangers that have earned themselves a good name and have only positive reviews and high ratings.