IOTA (MIOTA) has appeared on the market only at the end of 2015, but has already managed to “bring a rustle” in such a short period of time. And the reason is that this digital currency is quite unlike the other projects of this industry.

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First of all, it is necessary to give a designation to such term as IoT (“Internet of things”). Today, most devices are equipped with a software that allows them to store information and share it with the other objects. At the same time, the idea of the “Internet of Things” is based on the principle that the interaction of devices with each other should be carried out through a global network. As the experts note, in the nearest future IoT will be an inseparable part of billions of objects.

IOTA Virtual Currency was created specifically for the Internet of things, and it is based on the concept called Tangle, which is a distributed accounting journal. According to the authors, this concept, in comparison with the Bitcoin blockchain, has many advantages. First of all, this includes the possibility of profitable micro-payments processing.

There are three main ways of how to buy iota coin:

The first way is the usual online exchangers, where a variety of exchange destinations are supported, including cryptocurrency. For example, you can buy iota with usd using a credit or debit card. Or you can pay with another cryptocurrency for example Litecoins, and get Iota coin. The advantage of this method is the simplicity of the purchase. The disadvantage is not always a profitable exchange rate. This method will suit you if you’ve never worked with cryptocurrencies before and just found out where to buy iota. In order to buy iota cryptocurrency in the exchanger, you need to have a program with a registered wallet in advance on your computer or smartphone, where the funds will be transferred.

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The second way is the stock exchange of cryptocurrency, where you can not only earn on speculation, but also buy iota coin at a favorable rate. Here, unlike the exchangers, you deal with hundreds or even thousands of people like you, which means that the chance to find the rate that suits you is greatly increased. Another thing is that all this is rather complicated, in any case more difficult than with the exchangers. But sometimes it is necessary to understand the nuances, then to save significantly (it’s better to lose an hour, and then fly in five minutes). Although, not always and not in all areas of exchange, the stock exchanges will be more profitable than the exchangers. After making an account on the stock exchange, you will need to replenish your deposit by one of the ways that the exchange supports. In this case, in fact, you trust your money to the exchange. We need to choose only reliable stock exchanges with high ratings and good reviews. After registration, you need to create an order specifying the amount of cryptocurrency and the desired price. If there are willing to sell the cryptocurrency at this price, the order will be executed.

What we have in the end, the stock exchange is an advantageous place where to buy iota cryptocurrency, but using it is a little more complicated.

The third way is to buy from another person. If you are interested in how to buy iota in us region for cash, for example, then this is just the right part of the article. There are services that work on the principle of P2P, which simply make a meeting for the seller and buyer of cryptocurrencies, and they themselves carry out the purchase / sale online (the service acts as guarantor of such a transaction) or in person (the service does not bear responsibility here). A bright representative of this kind of service is Local Bitcoin. You just need to place an order for such a service and wait when it will be of interest to someone – that is how to buy iota cryptocurrency for cash.

Pros – you can find a seller of crypto currency at a profitable exchange rate in your own city or village.
Cons – in fact it is no longer a stock exchange, in any case, it is not very convenient to speculate on it.