Buy Bitcoin Cash

With the increasing popularity of Bitcoin and the increase in the number of daily transactions, the transaction time has increased as well. The system could not cope with the volumes and those who wished to conduct his transaction quicker had to raise the commission severely. This happened because the block in the bitcoin blockchain should not exceed 1 megabyte in size, the maximum number is seven transactions per second. These are serious limitations for the system that should become a global method of payment. The opinions of the owners of the crypto currency on how to proceed further are seriously diverged. Chinese experts advocated the introduction of optimizations that will help speed up the work of the blockchain, namely, to increase the block size. The Americans advocated for changing the structure of information in the block. As a result, they have managed to reach an agreement and the size of the block was increased to 2 megabytes. But there were 12% of bitcoin holders who remained dissatisfied with this change and they have separated. That is how a so called Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was born, the block size of which is eight megabytes. In addition, Bitcoin Cash, the network complexity is rapidly changing and the reward to the miners is reduced in comparison with the classical version.

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How to buy bitcoin cash?

The days when cryptocurrencies were the lot of geeks have already passed, now the discussion of bitcoin and altcoins can be heard on every corner. Everybody wants to make some money on a new topic and try to buy a few tokens for themselves. People get curious where to buy bitcoin cash and the demand creates supply. The interest of the broad masses to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin cash in particular, led to the emergence of a heap of services where it is offered to buy bitcoin cash. Now you can buy Bitcoin Cash with cash, credit card, PayPal and almost any other payment method, even the most exotic.

Private exchange from hand to hand

The good old exchange of one currency for another between the two participants on mutually beneficial terms is also available for bitcoin cash. Buying Bitcoin Cash you can use either dollars, euros or other currency, as well as make an exchange onto another cryptocurrency, some goods or services or onto title signs of electronic payment systems. The process can take place both online and offline at a real meeting of the participants. This method is especially popular with various fraudsters and representatives of the criminal world from the ‘darknet’ (drug dealers, carders, counterfeiters), since for the first category of people it is a good chance to let down a less experienced partner, and for the second category of people it is a convenient opportunity to exchange their “dirty” Bitcoin Cash for the “clean” cash or electronic money locally.

Although this method is used not only by criminals, but also by quite honest bitcoin enthusiasts. It is impossible to recommend it as a reliable method and to conclude such deals is worth only with the trusted people (it is better when you know them personally). The rule for such transactions is simple: first money, then Bitcoin Cash, that is, if you buy, then first send your partner money to the account or give cash, depending on how it was agreed between you both, and only then he sends BCH, so as the sent bitcoins cannot be returned back.

Stock exchange of the cryptocurrencies

At the moment, there operates a variety of different exchanges of different sizes in the Internet. In order to carry out operations on such exchanges, it is necessary to be registered. As a rule, the registration procedure is simple and requires the input of approximately the same data as when creating a wallet: login, password, e-mail, confirmation of agreement, input of captcha. Most of these exchanges provide both opportunities: simple exchange trading, and margin, with the attraction of borrowed funds. In the first case, you can buy Bitcoin Cash immediately after the registration procedure has completed, in the second, you will have to undergo the verification procedure by downloading the scans of the required documents.

There is one more important point – even if you already have an extra Bitcoin Cash Wallet, it does not work for the stock market (but it will be necessary for the withdrawal of Bitcoin Cash out from the exchange), so after registering on the exchange, you need to generate a new bitcoin address where the bought bitcoins will be transferred. On each exchange, the section with wallets can be called in different ways: “deposits and withdrawals”, “wallets”, etc., but it looks all the same, as a list of tickers of different currencies, on the opposite side to which there is their amount, and also the buttons or links for deposits and withdrawals.

After the Bitcoin Cash address is created, it is necessary to deposit money through any of the available payment system (cards, PayPal, bank transfers, etc.), then create an order and place it on the exchange trades. As soon as the counter offer appears on the same terms, the order will work and instead of the corresponding amount in euros, dollars or other currency, the number of bitcoin cash tokens specified in the order will appear on the generated Bitcoin Cash address, which if necessary can be immediately withdrawn from the exchange to an independent bitcoin cash wallet (the one that you had prior to registration on the stock exchange).

Exchangers and automatic online services

In view of the huge popularity that bitcoin cash has acquired in recent years, it has become possible to buy it online not only in many non-specialized exchange-services, so called exchangers, but also in the easiest services for depositing, withdrawing and exchanging electronic money, most of which are fully automatic and available through monitoring at the For ordinary users, such exchangers are more convenient than cryptocurrency exchanges, since those often do not even require registration, generation of bitcoin cash addresses and trading skills, while such exchangers act as reliable intermediaries. The exchange process is usually intuitively clear, it is only necessary to indicate your bitcoin address correctly and there will be no problems. If you’ve never dealt with cryptocurrencies and still do not know how to buy bitcoin cash, we’d rather suggest you the exchanger as the best option.

Before using the such services in order to buy bitcoin cash, check out the feedback and reviews on our website regarding the services. That will definitely help you avoid fraud and losses.